Do Not Trust This Man, Or His Associates.

With a solid week of Christmas songs at work via local radio, two things are now obvious. (1) Santa Claus is a puritanical stalker. (2) His reindeer are status-driven, discriminatory pricks. Let’s take… Continue reading

Båts and Bils in Valdemarsvik

In another active weekend in Valdemarsvik, Saturday was the annual wooden boat festival and a large amateur road rally – Bilsport Rally Cup. There were good crowds for both events. Sunday is the… Continue reading

Art Exhibit: Konstnär Lisbeth Karlsson med vänner

The stage is complete for Ystra Nystan’s art show contribution to “Konstnär Lisbeth Karlsson med vänner”, to be held 4-15 augusti at Kvarnen in Valdemarsvik. Still time to create a knitted or crochet… Continue reading

Valdemarsvik Summer Festival

This weekend was the summer festival in Valdemarsvik. There were lots of boats, bands, vendors, rides for the kids, and a Brazilian themed parade. There was a sizable crowd on Friday and Saturday.… Continue reading

Ten Things in which Sweden Lead’s the World

From best health care in the world to world’s largest flammable goat, Sweden is a leader. Sweden was recently ranked fourth best travel destination, third best country to be a mother, and second… Continue reading

Another Path Trough the Woods

Found another branch of the Valdemarsvik-Gusum bike and walking path. Very picturesque.  Today I took a stroll to try out my old Kodak camera because. It is much lighter than my great Canon… Continue reading

Profanity — Colorful Speech or Needless Distraction

Recently there was a Facebook discussion on whether it would be better if the excellent website, “I Fucking Love Science”, with 14.5 million likes, should drop the F-word from the title in order… Continue reading

Exploring Further

Wanting to explore further around Gusum I walked down a country road that I had observed from the cliffs in the woods. I thought I could complete a large loop around the backside… Continue reading

A Walk in the Sun

Got to take a pleasant two-hour walk in warm sunshine today with my wife — well ex-wife. This time it was along the water in Valdemarsvik rather than the woods of Gusum. Have… Continue reading

Spring in Valdemarsvik

Perhaps it was the portent of spring, or the Easter weekend, but the sun and the wind allowed for a few nice pics. See for yourselves.  

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