Our Apartment & a Spin Through Town

Somebody with way too much time on their hands decided to shoot a YouTube video of driving through Valdemarsvik. While not remarkable, you get a good view of our apartment building at 22 seconds.

Our first floor is an operating bookstore with another business space for rent. Second floor is to be renovated into two apartments. It is currently one. We have the third floor with a balcony and some great views of the harbor.

Renovation of our apartment is slated over the next six months and the exterior next Spring/Summer.  The new owner was nice enough to rush some work so that we could move in months before they originally planned for it to be on the market. The apartment was researched and signed up by Marie’s parents before we arrived. Great job.

The building is from 1902. And the lack of furniture is because what we did not sell or give away (because it was too expensive to ship) is on a boat headed for Hamburg before it turns North to Sweden.

We may have it the third week of October. Marie is so sick of having only on jacket, she may mug someone in the public square.

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Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMUzCwY15Gg&feature=player_embedded#!

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