American Car Parade

Today I was surprised by what appears to be something of a Valdemarsvik tradition. Folks with American cars — some smartly restored and some that are still a work in progress — select nice weather Saturdays to parade them up and down the main street a couple of times. And today was a warm and sunny day.

The cars are ’60s and ’70s vintage with one Impala from the ’80s. There was a nicely restored ’63 Implala at the rear of the 15 car procession and I think a ’67 Impala leading the group. A convertible Cadillac and Pontiac, a Chrysler Imperial, and a Ford Fairlane were in the group. An older VW Beattle tagged along, which is the first time I’ve seen a German car owner want to be associated with das US autos.

'67 Impala, I think

Its been more than and hour and they still have not made their second return run. So they are either grilling their korvar (hotdogs) at the far end of town near the miniature golf course and club house — yes they do have an actual club house — or they’re chowing down on pizza. Pizza is popular here and that end of town is near the best pizza restaurant in Valdemarsvik — better, I’m told, than even the wood fired pizza joint. I’ve yet to research this first hand.

There was also an event that produced a procession of tractors, but not down main street.Still not clear if it was a formal parade.