Walkabout Town

Monday was warm and sunny. Perhaps snow and ice will be late in coming this year. We’re trying to get our walking legs back now that we don’t have a car.

We walked as far as we could on the South bank of the fjord, perhaps one and a half (US) miles, maybe a tad more. A Swedish mile is 10 km or 6.2 US miles. The fjord is about 2 Swedish miles from the Valdemarsvik harbor to the mouth at the Baltic. You can possibly see open water in the far distance of the first photo.

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At the far end of the path we walked is Grännäskamp — now closed for the season. It features many cabins that are small but have complete kitchens including microwaves. There is a beach, diving tower, frisbee golf, miniature golf, and it is next to Grännäs’ amphitheatre, fotboll (soccer) / track field. Next to the diving platform Marie grabbed a rock ledge  to enjoy the view. Marie seems to thinking in Italian, “Bella!”.

A few apartments are along the path to Grännäs and a small neighborhood is built up the hill. While Swedish homes and apartments are generally smaller than US counterparts, until they’ve been added on to, there are some large single-family homes overlooking the water.

Earlier in the 20th century a building on the water served as a laundry house. Now it is likely to be used as a fishing dock.

On the walk back, the apartments pictured earlier have their own dock. Varldemarsvik harbor is in the background.

In addition to the modern fiberglass sail and power boats, there are a lot of wooden boats — old & new, large & small.

Five minutes to the West of our Storgarten apartment and just over the hill you start to see the neighborhoods around the city. There is a lot of refurbishing work going on as the area seems to be economically vibrant. The new owners of our building are rehabbing a house and have a go bit of work to do on this building.

The standard transit bus would be considered the more comfortable tour bus in the states. Single and two-story buses run the routes, but plan on $20 bucks to get to the bigger cities up the highway. Linköping is a large university city while the closer Norrköping has most all the shopping and governmental offices you might need plus a couple of extension schools from Linköping Universitet. And every city has museums. I’m looking forward to the Saab Air Force museum. Saab is an important aircraft designer/manufacturer for the Air Force.