Last Day On The Water

Just before Marie went up to Stockholm for a work weekend – see Stockholm Revisited – Marie had the opportunity to spend a day on the water with her dad. The season was winding down and two weekends later there was a mass exodus of boats from the water.

I promised some pics and they follow, in a slideshow format. One note:  Wordpress’ slideshow format does not permit captions, so there is a lot of context lost. So here are a few notes.

At about 20 km (divide by 1.61 for miles) a small boat isn’t going to comfortably make it all the way to the Baltic. So they saw some sites, including small islands common to the San Juans — granite with pine trees. And even an ancient (not sure of the date reference) warning fire for invaders. Just as depicted in one of the Tolkien trilogy movies, fires would be set along peaks to warn of hostile invaders. In this case it was along the Valdemarsvik fjord, and one was preserved.

And upon their return there was a great pic of the glassy smooth waters in the harbor. Not always that way, however, and thin ice is showing up in the mornings, together with fall rains.

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