Off To Swedish Classes

I completed my first two days of Swedish classes in Söderköping at the Nyströmska skolan. It is an immersion program so when class begins it is (almost) all Swedish. Immersion and repetition has been proven an effective pedagogical technique for language classes.

When I am called to the white board, well, at least once, I informed them that I could never spell well in English (and this keyboard isn’t making it any easier). How does someone with pathetic spelling skills become a writer?

With most all classmates from developing nations, there was a bit of murmur when I introduced myself as from the US.

I’m developing a rapport with a guy from Kabul Afghanistan and a guy from Rwanda.

Sebastian from Rwanda has worked in South Africa and speaks French, English, and Swahili. Although, I am not always sure exactly what he means when talking economics and politics other than Bill Clinton and Tony Blair have not been good for Rwanda. That part was very clear.

The gentleman from Kabul — I promise to get his name tomorrow but I never wrote it down — has nearly perfect English skills. He has little or no accent. You would have a harder time understanding folks from Alabama or Mississippi than this guy. He worked for the Afghan drug enforcement agency as a spokesperson and then several years as a contractor to the US government. He is writing a book on the Afghan drug mafia and its environs — why the government is not taking action and why Interpol, including the US, are sitting on their hands.

More later.