Homeland News – Heroin, Machete, & Guillotine

The Internet is a wonderful thing. When Facebook, the Post, Politico, and Political Wire does not deliver on the national front, the Bellingham Herald does on the local homeland.

Shortly after we arrived there was a big heroin bust in Ferndale — a whole pound. And then there was a man assaulting cars with a machete on Grandview Road. The Sheriff’s Department speculated alcohol was involved. Ya think?!

Now there is one better. And supposedly it is true! A man living in urban woods built a guillotine, cut off his arm, and then walked to a medical clinic. He forgot the arm!

Police or Sheriffs recovered the arm, which they hoped a Seattle hospital could reattached. Why? It was voluntarily detached?

And the Herald noted the Police disassembled the guillotine. That too is puzzling. In the annual auction of seized, lost, and unclaimed stolen property, a proven guillotine design could fetch a bundle.Terry Bornemann should look into wasting public assets.

And after the mayoral race is decided, given its recent tenor, “Viva la France!”