Homesick for TV

Everyone thought I was going to be homesick. Folks keep asking me if I’m OK with being here and if I am planning to go back.

The other day Marie said, “I need American TV”. She didn’t like TV that much when she was in the US. Here we have a few basic channels. No Netflix. No Roku or OnDemand.

My Swedish classes run Monday – Thursday  (Mondag  til  Torsdag) so Friday ( Fridag) was a day off.  Marie volunteers at the local second-hand store (Loppis) to benefit a city in Latvia that has been adopted by Valdemarsvik, so I turned on the TV during the day, for the first time. These are TVs donated to us. We did not buy them.

BINGO – Bones, Magiver, and West Wing! I am not passionate for the first two, but they are fun. WEST WING, on the other hand! I’m a political junkie and I haven’t been here long enough to understand local politics. But I hear it is fun stuff!

The West Wing episode was about an upcoming summit with a new Russian leader. Good, as are most all West Wing episodes. Aaron Sorkin is great.

It reminded me of the episode (and many others) where the President finds out his that Thanksgiving plans were affected by polling data and Abby (wife) is in on the news. He accuses her, in French, “Jaquest (sp?) la petite fromage!” Abby responds, “You speak seven languages.  Why isn’t one of them French?  You just called me a little cheese.”

Anyway, Marie has been gone only five hours, but I miss la petite fromage.

Among my most memorable West Wing openings, and there were many:

Press conference by CJ Craig; “Psychics at UC Berkeley… I’m pretty sure that was supposed to be physicists…”

Sam with a NASA press flack for a Presidential news event on a space probe — when the president reacts to “very unique” and “extremely historical”, the flack asks Sam, what language changes? We are both writers? Sam responds, “If by that you mean, people who can spell…”