Uppsala Pole Dancing in School and Terrorist Squirrel


A Swedish paper – Uppsala Nya Tidning — reported that faced with food criticism, an Uppsala cafeteria staffer chose to do a pole dance for students. No, really! The story got picked up by small papers across the country. The principal’s phone was ringing constantly.

So the principal was interrupted during a meeting and was told students complained about the pancakes being served. The principal told the kitchen staff of the complaints and asked them to make something else. They did. And students complained about the replacement. There is a history of bad food at this school, like risotto that included mashed potatoes. Risotto never has any kind of potatoes.

According to the paper, a cafeteria staffer, faced with the criticism, whipped off her apron and took off her pants and did a pole dance.

Now that is luncheon entertainment! I might have eaten in my high school

Criket batsman

cafeteria if such fare was served up periodically.

In interviews the principal said the behavior was “unacceptable”.

And then there is the death sentence issued for a Stockholm-based terrorist squirrel.

Apparently there is a squirrel that routinely enters a family’s home. It messes up the place looking for food and messes up the place with its bodily messes.

The family was given permission from the government to kill the squirrel. But the family is still waiting on permission from the police to discharge a weapon. So I guess it is cricket bats for now. Some readers of the story are demanding the squirrel be captured and relocated without harm.