Stuff Everywhere – In Search of Starbucks’ Mugs

After several delays, our shipment of stuff from the US finally arrived. And while we liquidated most furniture before moving, and thought we had significantly thinned out personal belongings — kitchen ware, utensils, cups and glasses, shoes, clothes, lots of books, the kayak, even almost all tools, boxes are everywhere.

Marie managed and tracked the shipment, and was craving its delivery. We had been boxing and liquidating stuff for months prior to the home sale. Then a home sale delay pushed back departure from the Northwest so the boat arrived in Hamburg a week late, or more. Then another unspecified delay added an additional week to the expected Hamburg to the Stockholm schedule. And then customs.

Marie, in particular wanted more than three skirts to wear. And having a true coffee mug from Starbucks. Swedish coffee culture runs deep – often, but small cups, and with pastry. But Seattle coffee culture, that also infused Bellingham – Starbucks, Woods Coffee – obviously had its grip.

I wanted sweaters and fleece. The apartment turned freezing with the shift into fall and I had donated my only fleece in my luggage from concern the luggage was bloated and overweight. The wood-fired heat still isn’t working in the apartment and some of the electrical heat isn’t working as well. And I wanted more than two pairs of shoes. We’re walking a lot with no car.

Fortunately and with foresight, Marie’s shipping arrangements required the delivery to be inside, so the delivery company carried everything up to the third floor. Well, the boxes were packed in Ferndale by American-Samoans, and it is an even-money bet that one of the Swedes delivering the boxes had better English skills. The description on boxes varied markedly from the contents.

Our goal was to selectively unpack what we wanted until our storage shed at the apartment was available and some cabinets arrive from Stockholm. Marie and her sisters are liquidating an apartment there. The poor descriptions made finding what we wanted hit and miss.

It was half-way through day-two before I hear Marie let out a small shriek and come running up with two Starbucks’ mugs held high above her head. “I found them!”

The next hunting expedition is for a blue lamp. Found the lamp shade but not the base.

Breakage has been minimal thus far. With some glue the flying cat will be back hanging from the ceiling and attacking the flying bird house in no time.