Postcard Perfect & Lost in Translation

Yesterday theValdemarsvik area was hit with sustained snow all day. Nothing like NW Washington recently, but a considerable amount. The plows worked through the late afternoon and into the evening. And today, at least for a while, the sun shown, revealing a few “Hallmark moments”. Here are a few more pics.

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Lost in Translation

But there is still work to be done and some of that is translating English to Swedish. While using Google Translate can jump start a project, you have to be very careful.

I was working on a profile document and my “BA with honors with a double major and double minor” was rendered as a “a BA with the highest grade and a double large and a double small”.

A friend was working on a letter to the county government seeking assistance with his flaky and expensive heating system in his apartment. His letter in English was addressed “Dear Madame”. When he was doing his best to proof read the Swedish during his computer class. The teacher happened to look over his shoulder. She exclaimed, “Don’t print that! You’ll be evicted from the Kommun (County).” Google addressed the letter to “Dear wife”.

Computer translation has come a long way, but it is still fraught with peril.