What the F-ing is that?

So I unleashed a demon today. I was frustrated with a home improvement task and I swore about it. I whimsically asked Marie how to say that in Swedish, since I am supposed to be learning the lingo.

Turns out she did not swear much growing up so she had to search her brain to come up with the language. “Jävlar” was the best she came up with. It can be loosely used for that “damn …” or that “F-ing …”. Strictly translated, any variant of the F-word only has a sexual connotation.

But once it started coming back to her, she was replete with suggestions. Most had to do with the devil or the devil in hell. They obviously swear very differently here in Sweden.

In Search of Fire

We’ve been wanting to make a fondue but we can’t find sterno to heat the pot. Marie did find a French connection, but nothing in Sweden. Who would have thought?