The Snow is Melting

Today we had 9c temperatures, and snow is melting. The roads are clear. The sidewalks mostly free of ice. And a forecast for warm weather for the next few days. It is a good day in Valdemarsvik.

Marie received news that was she was admitted to a class for folks starting their own businesses. And got a call from our landlord that the first floor space, in which Marie had been interested, would be available. If the negotiations go well, she could be on her ways to doing something she always wanted to do.

Last night we had a few people over for sportslovfest – a winter’s week off from school. We had Zulmay Afzali over again from Afghanistan, his date from Italy, Francisca. And then there was Smauel and Nevbyett from Eritrea Don’t know where Samuel’s girlfriend was from. It was an appetizer gathering. The food and the company were very nice, but I am not sure how much English the Eritreans understood. Nevbyett played with the dining room fire a lot. Apparently she is former military and good with fire.

I still have an all day Friday session at Eductus in Norrköping – about an hour away.

And the hoards of black birds are back. They swarm at dawn and dusk. Don’t know where they went during the very cold weather. And we have pigeons in the attic. Since we are on the top floor we get to hear them well.