Some Random Notes

Apollo 13 was on the TV last night. Great movie, great actors, great director. A couple of weeks ago Adam Frank, physicist, reposted an immigration document from the Apollo crew that first walked on the Moon. US Astronauts, on a US space flight with historic implications, picked up and transported by a US aircraft carrier, were required to file immigration documents to legally re-enter the US. The document has the signatures of Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins. Departure was from the “Moon”. Cargo was Moon rock and Moon dust. “To be determined” was the answer to the question, “Any other conditions on board which may lead to the spread of disease?”

Friday at Eductus in Norrköping, a friend from Afghanistan needed to use the bathroom and chose to use the handicapped bathroom. He missed the sign that the lock was not working properly, or perhaps the sign had fallen off. The door locked properly, but once locked it would not unlock from the inside. Fortunately he had his mobile phone. He called another person he knew to be at Eductus, but his ID came up as “blocked”, so the recipient of the call was reluctant to pick up. He finally got an answer. “Help, I’m locked in the bathroom. Come get me out!”

Marie is continuing her class on starting your own business in Sweden. The current phase is about market research and budgeting. Anedotal written surveys in Valdemarsvik are producing encouraging results. And I’ve finally produced a logo she likes. The store will focus on knitting, crocheting, and sewing supplies and yarn. And she has lined up a great location that happens to be in the same building where we live, so the same landlords as our apartment. She is very excited. And since it seems everybody knows everyone, and they certainly do like to talk, the survey process may ensure all the business people will know of the store before the doors open or the first advertisement or flyer is distributed.