We Have Wheels

We have wheels — a 2004 Saab. Possibly larger than we needed but a good winter car and something everyone thought was a good deal. Marie’s parents went with us to a dealership were Marie’s father bought a car — a three generation owned dealership with a good reputation.

The Saab is a hatch-back wagon with a 2.0 liter engine and a roof rack for a kayak. I guess you could put skis on there but I’m not planning on that unless Marie is trying to kill me. And then I think there are easier ways for Marie to accomplish that task.

I drove it home. 35 minutes from Söderköping. I had not driven since September. Given the price of gas I’ve been very restrained. I did not drive yesterday and through mid-afternoon I did not drive today. Perhaps Marie and I will take a road trip tomorrow.

The car was almost empty of gas when we picked it up so we filled it up. For the folks complaining about the price of gas in the US, I can say, get over it! The “real” price of gas is about three times what you are paying. But your taxes are subsidizing lower gas prices and billions of dollars in oil company profits. I could go to politics at this point, but this about having wheels.

Now we have to find a couple of good used bikes.

Did you know that bike riders put studded tires on their bikes and ride them throughout the winter?

The last time I rode a bike in the winter was when I worked at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in Chicago. On a warm winter day I went to the office to work on Saturday. When I was done the slush had frozen to ice. I ended up in the ER without being able to say my name, phone number, or who to contact — good case for wearing a bike helmet!

Muscle memory enabled me to dial a friend’s number, even though I could not say his name. After they repeatedly slammed my injured head against an x-ray machine, they let my friend take me home where he educated me as to my name and occupation.