Update: Former Afghan Counter-Narcotics Official Continues Norrköping Area Lectures

This is an update to a previous series of lectures. In this post I did include contact information for all the important players (see end). The previous CanesGoToSweden post omitted that information.

For Immediate Release

Zulmay Afzali

Norrköping , April 18, 2012 — Zulmay Afzali, the former Chief of Staff and Spokesperson for the Counter-Narcotics Ministry of Afghanistan, and now a resident of Söderköping, will contune his lectures in the Norrköping area on Monday, April 23, regarding European narcotics policy and the link between narco-trafficing and terrorism.

On Monday the 23rd he will speak to two sessions of students at Realgymnasiet located at Kungsgatan 53 in Norrköping. The sessions are scheduled for kl. 9:00-10:00 and then 11:00 – 12:00.

In March 2012 he lectured at Mikael Elias teoretiska gymnasium, Plusgymnasiet  vocational programme, and again at Mikael Elias teoretiska  gymnasium in Norrköping.

Zulmay Afzali was also interviewed three times in March 2012 by Iranian satellite TV — Sat ASO. The first interview was about the current situation in Afghanistan, the 2nd was whether Afghans are ready for democracy, and the third was about the recent killing of 16 people.

Eductus’ Gisela Lönn, based in Norrköping, is looking to book Afzali into university lectures in the near future.

Among Afzali ‘s themes are the link between narco-trafficing money and terrorism; the lack of rule-of-law, security, and economic opportunities in Afghanistan that makes it the producer of 93 percent of the world’s heroine; and Europe’s complicity in illegally supplying the chemical precursors needed to covert raw poppy into heroine and other drugs.

Afzali engages his audience with a few basic questions, including whether they hear counter-narcotics issues on the agenda of regional and parliamentary officials and candidates, and more personally, if they had a friend using drugs, would they speak to that friend and what would they say. A common response is that Swedes have a sense of privacy that makes it uncomfortable to talk about drug abuse, even if friends are killing themselves with drugs.

Afzali relocated to Sweden, and sought asylum here, after his anti-narcotics activities resulted in powerful officials being put in prison. He was the subject of many death threats and was told by security officials that a contract had been issued for his murder.



Zulmay Afzali, Söderköping
Telephone:  0738 991 763, zulmai.afzali@gmail.com

Gisela Lönn, Eductus, Norrköping
Telephone:  011 19 45 93, 011 15 21 50, gisela.lönn@eductus.com

Cecilia Lindberg, Mentor/Lärare, Realgymnasiet, Norrköping
Telephone: 011-19 42 00, info@realgymnasiet.se, http://realgymnasiet.se/

Mikael Elias teoritiska gymnasium , Ingo Alander, Rektor
Telephone: 011 15 8383, ingo.alander@teoretiska.se, http://www.teoretiska.se

Plusgymnasiet  vocational programmes, Lisa Karlsson & Viktoria Lzgi, teachers
Telephone: 0707-793415, lisa.karlsson@plusgymnasiet.se, www.plusgymnasiet.se

Barry D. Bowen, Consultant, Valdemarsvik
Telephone: 0723 129 897, barrydbowen@gmail.com