Ystra Nystan Photos and the Start of Tourist Season

A wall of yarn.

Tourist season seems to be in high gear in Valdemarsvik with today’s holiday. Not sure what the holiday is, but there are street vendors, musicians, lots of visitors, and the harbor is full of boats. It appears that on every holiday the classic American car and Harley Davidson folks come out for a parade. 60s Chevys with a few Fords and Chryslers are most popular. No ’55 0r ’57 Chevy’s. See photos at the bottom.

On day two, traffic was again brisk in Marie’s shop but there are a lot of people evaluating the offerings and a moderate amount buy goods. But a lot of flyers and business cards are going out the door.

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I did learn from Zulmay that, where he is concerned, canesgotosweden.wordpress.com has some international reach, as he has gotten feedback from the US and Asia. And yesterday he did another Voice of America radio interview on prospects for success for the Chicago-based NATO-Afghanistan conference.