Creating BgroupCommunications

CanesGoToSweden has been serving two agendas – the social and the political. Time for that to end. I am going to move the political items, together with other business news, to a new blog at BgroupCommunications.

At  BgroupCommunications you will find my collaboration with Zulmay Afzali, from Afghanistan; Bowen Group Advisers in Springfield, Missouri; and samples of prior Bgroup work.

And you will see my political posts. I am a moderate, which means the Left considers me a sell-out and Republican-“lite”, while the Right considers me a socialist at best, or a communist. Some on the confused-Right say fascist, but since that is the opposite of communist, it is hard to be both, but I can try.

CanesGoToSweden will devote itself to traditions, events, and everyday life – like the parade of 60’s and 70’s American classic cars during the holidays (weather permitting), the vibrant harbor, and the excessive amount of salt in the otherwise health-conscience Swedish diet. Anyway, all things that Anglos and those who will find items odd or amusing, or simply informative, will stay at  CanesGoToSweden.

So if you follow CanesGoToSweden, you might want to also follow BgroupCommunications. Facebook and Skype will remain unchanged at barrydbowen. People that know me have to put up with my political crap.