Another Valdemarsvik Canival and Concert

This Friday and Saturday Valdemarsvik hosted another Concert and Carnival. The permanent population of the city is about 3,000. Over two days official estimate 12,000 will attend the event.

Local bands were featured Friday, which was closed out by “Barbados”. Complete with a real tour bus they were quite good. Today, Saturday, more well-known bands are scheduled, together with a dance. Festivities run until 2AM.

Marie and I are headed out-of-town this afternoon!

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Of course all the street vendors were out in force. Lots of baby strollers and dogs. Valdemarsvik, it turns out, has the highest per capita dog population in Östergötland.

A tradition at the carnival is to host a big Herring feast. 500 were served on Storgatan. Pictures are from our balcony.