Inexperience Shows

Since we live about 200 yards from the base of the only fjord on the East coast of Sweden, I planned to resume fishing. I haven’t been fishing in about 35 years. I finally got around to getting set up to try.

My Spinning Reel

I was given a free rod with a broken reel and two bobbers. Found a good deal on a replacement reel, some tackle, and a $9 lure. I strung the reel after four or five tries. Then I had to re-learn fishing knots to string a leader for the lure and leaders for bait hooks. I was ready to give it a whirl.

I walked along the water for a bit, to a proper spot, in order to test out the reel. A small concrete platform extended a few feet out above the water. I put the weighted lure and a bobber on the line. Nervous to determine if the reel worked well, and that I strung it properly, I made a simple overhead cast. Everything worked fine. I was very satisfied. I wasn’t planning on catching anything. I just wanted to know it worked.

On my next cast I got fancy with a forceful side-arm motion. I wanted to get the lure as far out as a possible. I was confused for a moment or two when I did not see a splash. Then I caught the glint of the morning sun on the monofilament. It was running parallel to the shoreline – straight to an apple tree overhanging the water. Rather than flicking 90 degrees from the tip of my rod and out into the water, the lure and bobber traveled straight – straight into the outstretched limbs of the apple tree.

Time to restock, retool, and try again. As Jeff Goldblum says in “Independence Day”, “Once more, without the oops.” When fishing, avoid trees.