The Devil’s Tool

Marie wanted to revamp her store window, meaning she had some ideas but wanted me to revamp her store window. Part of the project involved placing “shabby chic” white wooded letters that spelled out the store name.

Marie envisioned placing letters across the window on top of objects, with random spacing. I thought of affixing to the glass at random heights above the display. Neither plan seemed to work. I proposed a compact vertical concept, but how to get the letters to stay where you want them?

A glue gun!

Do they have glue guns in Sweden? Yes, “limpistol”.

I’ve concluded glue guns are the “Devil‘s Tool“, in that they make you lose faith in all reason and orderliness. Glue strings go everywhere. Just when you think everything is firmly attached, a letter falls off. And when the project was completed in our third-floor apartment, I realized I’ve recycled all the larger sheets of cardboard needed to securely move the assembled letters downstairs to the ye ole yarn shoppe.

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