Saturday Night in Prison in Stockholm

Cell 233

I spent last Saturday night in prison in cell 233 on Långholmen Island in Stockholm. Fortunately, there will be no legal proceedings stemming from the event.

In 1989 the old Långholmen Prison opened as a hotel and conference center. Marie’s sister Sophie married Johan Farkas and they selected Långholmen Island for the festivities. Our daughter attended the event and helped with the setup.

Långholmen — Long Island in English — is in the middle of Stockholm.

The prison was built in the early 1800s and expanded over time. The current hotel offers 89 single cells with bunk beds and 13 double cells with queen size beds and a set of bunk beds that fold up to the wall. Wi-Fi, cable-TV, and breakfast are included. The former prisoner intake room was converted into hotel reception.

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