Alfredo Partexano – Musician

The upstairs bar at Vila do Farol,  in addition to a limited snack buffet, featured live music most nights we were there. Alfredo Partexano of Ostia, Italy, near Rome, was the performer.

Alfredo2Alfredo has 14 years performing experience and his music is definitely jazz inspired. His repertoire includes a diverse selection ranging from Sade to Michael Jackson, including pop and soft rock. As far as I could tell, all were original interpretations.

He plays guitar and electric piano, usually alternating instruments back and forth within a song. He is an accomplished performer on both instruments. No chords here – at least none that I heard. It is jazz guitar and piano. That is supplemented with electronic rhythm and occasionally electronic strings and horns.

His guitar is very unusual in that it has a minimalistic body design (see photo). The strings attach at the top and the tuning keys are at the bottom. It sounds very rich and crisp.

And as my wife said, “That is an attractive guy.”

He is about to return home where his wife is expecting a child. He says he hopes to teach music and stop travelling to perform.

Unfortunately he has no CDs. Pop one in for dinner music and you would have a delightful listening experience.

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