Kite Surfing in Cape Verde

1web-KiteSurferDudet8If one had to identify the dominant recreational sport on Sal Island in the Republic of Cape Verde – alternatively Cabo Verde and Kap Verde – it would have to be kite surfing. At any given day-time hour you can see about a dozen kites in the air, some well out to sea. The color and motion is spectacular to watch.

All the elements are in place. The water is gorgeous and warm, and it is always windy.

On our first full day at the resort I saw at least three group lessons for men and women from middle-age down to early teens. Individual lessons followed. Lessons let you use a smaller kite and keep your feet firmly planted on the white sand beach.

The resort is a 12 minute walk from the city center of Santa Maria. I counted at least six different kite surfing schools, several scuba schools, and a plethora of snorkeling, shark watching, walking with sharks, etc. tours.

Either wind, weather, or tides, or a combination of them all created large tidal pools on the huge beach area. Several kite surfers took advantage of this relatively calm environment to practice their moves, including acrobatics. It was a stunning show.