Summer Festivities

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Just finished three weeks of festivities here in Valdemarsvik. First there was midsummer, a national holiday. Then there was the Nils Lindholm soccer (err… football) tournament – a youth league competition that draws teams regionally and from other nations. Lindholm was a soccer great from Valdemarsvik. And then there was the summer street festival with a two-day concert, a herring feed, and a parade. Here are some views from the summer festival. Next up is the Fall market, which closes down most of the streets in the city’s core.

 18-Parade5 17-Parade15 16-Parade14 15-Parade11jpg 14-Parade4 13-Parade13 12-Parade10jpg 11-Parade1 10-CarnivalGame5 9-CarnivalGame6 8-CarnivalGame1 7-CarnivalCrowd3 6-CarnivalCrowd1 5-HerringFeed 4-Concert1 3-KidsSwing 2-CarnivalCrowd2