Outing On the Water

Finally made it out on the water today, courtesy of my wife’s father’s boat. It took about an hour to make it down the fjord to the Baltic Sea. Gorgeaus scenery. Boats everywhere. I planned to go swimming but passed. A bit cold.

It is amazing how much it looks like the San Juans.

We pulled up to an uninhabited island to have lunch. With thousands of kilometers of coast line along the fjord and many islands one boat had to pull along next to us. We thought of several things to do as payback. The best was for me to put on my wet suit, swim up to shore, groan and moan and pretend to be the creature from the black lagoon. That would freak out the young kids. But I didn’t. We moved.

Anyway, here are some pics.

8web-boating-SanJaunLook1 7web-boating-SanJaunLook2 6web-boating-Marie4 6web-boating-Marie3 5web-boating-Barry1 5web-boating8 4web-boating6 3web-boating20  1web-boating2