The Local’s 10 things about Sweden, rather than Abba

In an article on 10 things you should talk about rather than Abba when you think about Sweden, the Local had a few interesting opinions.

I did not know that Skype was Swedish. And they think Spotify is about to become big.


Swedish soccor (err fotbal) star Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Forget Björn Borg, they say, these days it should all be about soccer goal-god Zlatan. An incomparably arrogant striker from Malmö, Zlatan is the poster boy for multicultural Sweden, and comes with an attitude that’s so bad that it’s a wonder anyone likes him at all, but they do.

Minecraft sold more than one million copies within a month of its official release in November 2011. The game has since won a slew of awards, selling more than 33 million copies globally. One school in Stockholm has even introduced compulsory Minecraft lessons .

Three star chef Marcus Samulson.

Three star chef Marcus Samulsson.

LOVE the Swedish Chef of Muppet Show fame. The minister who married Marie and I was supposed to speak in Swedish, but he did his homiley in English and sounded much like the Swedish chef. Was very difficult not to fall down laughing at my own wedding. But these days Swedish cuisine is good for much more than a laugh and Marcus Samuelsson deserves much of the credit. The 43-year-old Ethiopian-born Swede was the youngest chef ever to get three stars from the New York Times. Now he’s opening a series of new eateries at Clarion Hotels in Sweden and Norway. And he has been featured on several US TV shows I have seen.

The Bridge: There are some superb Swedish TV shows right now, but The Bridge is a particular favourite in this [the Local’s] office. I have not seen it. Better known as Bron in Swedish or Bwöoøggddn in Danish …The Bridge has already made waves abroad. Imagine detectives from Malmö and Copenhagen reluctantly joining forces to tackle gruesome murder cases and two surprisingly different languages. Captivating, dark, funny, and addictive. With stunning cinematography.

Everyone knows Stockholm. Many are aware of Gothenburg. But it’s Malmö that deserves some spotlight. Sweden’s gateway to Europe… an immigrant rich city and in the far South on the water.