Exploring Further

Wanting to explore further around Gusum I walked down a country road that I had observed from the cliffs in the woods. I thought I could complete a large loop around the backside of the of the town and find my way back into the center of town. At the one hour mark I did not know with certainly where the road was taking me.GusumWalk2

At the 1:15 mark I thought recognized something familiar. If correct, by venturing off-road I would eventually find a path through to woods to my apartment. That would be 30 minutes rather retracing the country road for another 1:15.

Along the way there was a horse ranch set up to teach equestrian riding (jumping). Don’t know if they do recreational rentals was well, but that would be nice.Sorry but the auto focus on my camera grabbed the foreground trees so the ranch is fuzzy. Have to learn to fix that.

And there was a lot of farm land, and logging next to the road. Fortunately logging seems to be thinning forests without clear cuts.

What appeared from the wooded cliffs to be farm warehouse buildings actually turned out to be a small portion on the backside of a large Nordic Brass manufacturing facility.

Today I took a research walk out the front side of Gusum, trying to figure out how to connect with the road I was walking Saturday. Seems like the entire route on a road — no off-road shortcuts — is about only 2-3 km shorter than walking from Gusum to Valdemarsvik.

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