Another Path Trough the Woods

web-BikePath1Found another branch of the Valdemarsvik-Gusum bike and walking path. Very picturesque.  Today I took a stroll to try out my old Kodak camera because. It is much lighter than my great Canon camera, so better for longer walks. I went a few km. down the path, then cut through the woods to a farm road, visited the cemetery (kyrkogård), and walked back to town on a smaller road to avoid traffic on the primary Valdemarsvik-Gusum road.web-BikePathTrees

I don’t know yet if the path was appropriated from a former country road because clearly there was heavy construction to cut through some granite hill peaks. Update: Learned that from 1906-1966 there was a narrow-guage railway transporting goods and passengers between Valdemarsvik and Norrköping.That explains the smooth grade and the heavy construction.

It is very nice to have a 10 km path that keeps one almost entirely off the main road. It is heavily wooded and this section has a small lake, although I could not find solid enough ground to get down to the water.

The well groomed cemetery had many impressive monuments with a lot of birth dates in the mid to late 1800s. Gusum’s church is the oldest in the kommun (county), built in 1831.