We have decided to move to Sweden.

Now, Marie has lived most of her adult life in the US and I have a cumulative six weeks or so in Sweden, plus a few quick business trips in the UK, Germany, and Belgium for a bit more exposure to European culture.

So this should be a very interesting transition for us, and I hope interesting enough that you will read along from time to time and perhaps recommend it to a few others. And PLEASE share your comments and questions. We’ll spice it up with some photos and make observations on the mundane and the surprising. US readers may learn some things along with us and Swedish readers may be surprised at what strikes us as noteworthy or surprising.

I met Marie in graduate school at the University of Chicago. She had just graduated from the University of Miami — the hurricanes or “Canes” for short. That was my town of origin and I did part of my BA at “The U” as well.

We were married in a December snow storm in a 13th century church outside of Stockholm – Värmdö kyrka — and brought our two kids back there to be christened.

Other than that, we lived in America — Chicago for a bunch of years and then NW Washington in Ferndale, near Bellingham from 1993.

With our kids on their own we decided to move to Sweden — the Southeast, to a town called Valdemarsvik. Marie’s parents moved there ten years ago. It is at the base of they only fjord on the East coast of Sweden, a half-hour from a large regional town and two and a half hours from Stockholm by car, three by bus. Marie has a sister in Stockholm and another sister in Värmdö, about a half-hour East of Stockholm.

Please check in from time to time. And do share your comments.