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American Car Parade

Today I was surprised by what appears to be something of a Valdemarsvik tradition. Folks with American cars — some smartly restored and some that are still a work in progress — select… Continue reading

Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Out to Get You

You know all those paranoid idiots who are frothing at the mouth because they think their mobile phones, Internet applications, and other wireless devices are tracking their every move. I used to make… Continue reading

Our Apartment & a Spin Through Town

Somebody with way too much time on their hands decided to shoot a YouTube video of driving through Valdemarsvik. While not remarkable, you get a good view of our apartment building at 22 seconds.… Continue reading

A Drive in the Country

We took a drive in the country courtesy of Marie’s parents. If I didn’t know I was half way around the globe we could have been driving around Lopez Island, Lake Samish, or portions… Continue reading

A note to our Swedish readers

The post, “Off to the Socialist Bureau”, was not a criticism of the Swedish system. I was making fun of very conservative folks in the US who consider social services to be socialism,… Continue reading

Matter and Antimatter in the Laundry Room

If you’re a science fiction fan, or merely watched or read some in passing, you may be familiar with the danger of matter and antimatter colliding – an explosion resulting in annihilation. I… Continue reading

Off to the Socialist Bureau

As many have learned, especially in the US, Sweden is much different than fun and freedom loving America. So I gritted my teeth and prepared for the worst. Today I had to enroll in… Continue reading

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