Homesick for TV

Everyone thought I was going to be homesick. Folks keep asking me if I’m OK with being here and if I am planning to go back. The other day Marie said, “I need… Continue reading

Uppsala Pole Dancing in School and Terrorist Squirrel

A Swedish paper – Uppsala Nya Tidning — reported that faced with food criticism, an Uppsala cafeteria staffer chose to do a pole dance for students. No, really! The story got picked up… Continue reading

Homeland News – Heroin, Machete, & Guillotine

The Internet is a wonderful thing. When Facebook, the Post, Politico, and Political Wire does not deliver on the national front, the Bellingham Herald does on the local homeland. Shortly after we arrived… Continue reading

Less Competent than Dick Cheney

Marie and her sisters are tying to liquidate their God mother’s apartment and furniture in Stockholm. But Swedish law, and the lawyer named to be the executor of the estate, makes everything difficult.… Continue reading

Annual Valdemarsvik Autumn Market

Wednesday the 26th was the annual Valdemarsvik autumn market. It is a very big deal here. The downtown and harbor area was jammed with vendors, residents, and visitors. Perhaps this is the formal… Continue reading

We are the World. Save the Banks.

Tuned in part way to a Swedish TV ( on the web) show playing a German TV spoof regarding the Euro banking crisis and the Occupy protests. A German show — and I… Continue reading

Two More Wins Move Miami to 4-3. Hope at the U. Go Canes!

Most of the talk about the Miami Hurricanes, looking at the Nation’s #2 rushing offense in Georgia Tech, was about the banged up defensive line. Off their win against North Carolina it was… Continue reading

Racing Comments, Paul Dana, Dan Wheldon

Dan Wheldon died seven days ago in an Indy car wreck in Las Vegas. NASCAR will honor him today at Talladega. There have been services in Indianapolis and his adopted home of Florida.… Continue reading

Off To Swedish Classes

I completed my first two days of Swedish classes in Söderköping at the Nyströmska skolan. It is an immersion program so when class begins it is (almost) all Swedish. Immersion and repetition has… Continue reading

Last Day On The Water

Just before Marie went up to Stockholm for a work weekend – see Stockholm Revisited – Marie had the opportunity to spend a day on the water with her dad. The season was… Continue reading

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