Metric Notes and Office Supplies

In the gratuitous SPAM category, still trying to determine if penis enlargement SPAM is metric here. Just one of those weird things that float through my mind. Put that together with dreams to… Continue reading

Remembering Some Stuff

This blog is, of course, about relocating to Sweden, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some sweat things in Bellingham-Ferndale-Whatcom County.Of course our daughter and son are there, and they can’t drop by.… Continue reading

New, Old, Ancient

On a sunny morning Marie noticed the interesting composition out our kitchen window. New communications, old church, ancient rock. The golden cross on the church steeple glows in morning sun. Hard to see… Continue reading

There be Bread

Operating completely from memory and with unfamiliar flour mixtures here. My first batch of bread had a pleasing flavor but was dense enough to sink a boat if propelled with sufficient speed. Second… Continue reading

Fall Arrives

We have enjoyed some sunny and warm days in Valdemarsvik, but Fall seems to be catching up to us with some rain and a chill in the air. Saturday the 8th was sunny… Continue reading

Puns as hair salon names

You may or may not have noticed, but many hair salons seem enamored with naming themselves with a pun. Ferndale had “Hair to Dye For”. But it wasn’t until Stockholm that I found… Continue reading

Stockholm Revisited

Just spent three days in Stockholm helping Marie and her two sisters clear out an apartment. They had done a lot of work previously, and after our collective work, guess what, a lot… Continue reading

There be Harleys, and Painting the Bedroom

Last Saturday the American cars decided to parade, so the Harleys thought today was their day — sunny and warm again (keep it up), but they only mustered four or five bikes. Marie… Continue reading

Customer Appreciation

Someone in downtown declared this evening customer appreciation day. So rather than closing at 6 pm (18:00), a few shops stayed open until 20:00. And they offered additional discounts. There were a few… Continue reading

Walkabout Town

Monday was warm and sunny. Perhaps snow and ice will be late in coming this year. We’re trying to get our walking legs back now that we don’t have a car. We walked… Continue reading

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