Another Walk in the Woods

I took another walk in the woods in Gusum, Sweden, hoping to get some better pictures. Turns out  that without special lenses there is only such much you can do with rocks, and… Continue reading

Belgian teacher silences rowdy students

Classroom discipline is often difficult to enforce. Teachers in Sweden report feeling powerless many times. Strict legal protections for children, even from their parents, can embolden those looking to misbehave. One Belgium teacher… Continue reading

Brief Look at Gusum Centrum

  Gusum is a much smaller place than Valdemarsvik, and Valdemarsvik is on the small side, probably smaller than Ferndale, Washington. But there is a grocery open every day (ICA), a bank that… Continue reading

New Apartment in Gusum

Well the new apartment is slowly taking shape. Due to some scheduling issues and an injury, haven’t gotten everything from Valdemarsvik to Gusum, but working on it. On the plus side the apartment… Continue reading

Brief Moment Of Lucidity Called Panic Attack

During a session I had with a psychologist, he explained why I did not suffer from anxiety. His analysis was that since everything that troubled me was completely based in reality, it was… Continue reading

Marie Marvingt: In honor of International Women’s Day

This is a day late, but I’ve been busy. In honor of International Women’s Day, I thought it informative to share a profile of Marie Marvingt. She was a phenomenal sportswomen and a… Continue reading

A Shit-Load of Yarn

I am just spit-balling a few tag-line ideas to go under the Ystra Nystan logo. “Yarn Out the Wazoo!” is another candidate. Pass along you’re suggestions. Perhaps for the depressed knittatopians, “String yourself… Continue reading

The Local’s 10 things about Sweden, rather than Abba

In an article on 10 things you should talk about rather than Abba when you think about Sweden, the Local had a few interesting opinions. I did not know that Skype was Swedish.… Continue reading

Wild Boar in Sweden

Wild boar or wild pig — It is the wild ancestor of the domestic pig. Wild boar are native across much of Northern and Central Europe, and North Africa. Populations have also been… Continue reading

Artipelag Konstmuseum and the Wegner Exhibit

Took a Sunday off to drive up to Stockholm to see a new art museum in Gustavsberg, the Artipelag. It was the final day of the William Wegman exhibit and his famous Weimaraners.… Continue reading

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