Outing On the Water

Finally made it out on the water today, courtesy of my wife’s father’s boat. It took about an hour to make it down the fjord to the Baltic Sea. Gorgeaus scenery. Boats everywhere.… Continue reading

Digging for Chromium in Valdemarsvik

The most expensive environmental cleanup in Swedish history, and possibly in Europe, is underway in view from our apartment windows here in Valdemarsvik. The culprit is chromium in the harbor sediment. Lundberg’s Leather… Continue reading

Summer Festivities

Super slide Just finished three weeks of festivities here in Valdemarsvik. First there was midsummer, a national holiday. Then there was the Nils Lindholm soccer (err… football) tournament – a youth league competition… Continue reading

Sweden’s National Day

Tomorrow, June 6, is Sweden’s National Day – a Swedish July 4th, if you will. Given the county’s long history it was rather late in coming. It is a labor holiday with celebrations… Continue reading

Scenes Around Eductus in Norrköping

I’ve spent another few weeks at Eductus in Norrköping. Eductus is located in an old industrial area built around waterworks that used to power mills and factories. The buildings are now filled with… Continue reading

Fascinating Things About Swedes

There are many fascinating things about Swedes. Here are a few. When the Sun is out they find it irresistible to lift their heads and point their nose to the Sun, even if… Continue reading

Vila do Farol

  The resort of Vila do Farol is on the outskirts of Santa Maria on the island of Sal in the Republic of Cape Verde. The resort seems to be rebranding itself as… Continue reading

Santa Maria Street Vendors

Selling stuff to tourists is something merchandise vendors in Santa Maria pursue with jihadist zeal. And they do not wait for you in their shops. They track you down on the streets. The… Continue reading

Resort Dining and Drinking

The resort deal Marie chose to book was “all inclusive”, meaning you have paid up front for nearly everything – especially food and drink. And there is a lot of both. There is… Continue reading

Kite Surfing in Cape Verde

If one had to identify the dominant recreational sport on Sal Island in the Republic of Cape Verde – alternatively Cabo Verde and Kap Verde – it would have to be kite surfing.… Continue reading

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