Alfredo Partexano – Musician

The upstairs bar at Vila do Farol,  in addition to a limited snack buffet, featured live music most nights we were there. Alfredo Partexano of Ostia, Italy, near Rome, was the performer. Alfredo… Continue reading

Merry Christmas at Seasons End

Atypically for Sweden we made the Christmas season a short three-day season. Kermit is our angel of choice for the top of the tree. On Christmas Eve we took a walk to feed… Continue reading

Anti-Doomsday Day — 12/12/12

In reaction to some who misread Mayan predictions and declared December 21, 2012 Doomsday — the end of the world — the Astronomical Society of the Pacific declared December 12, 2012 (12/12/12) Anti-Doomsday… Continue reading

Clear Skyies, Fog, and then Snow Storm

Within roughly a week and a half Valdemarsvik‘s weather changed dramatically. We saw clear, crisp, late Fall days, give way to thick fog. Then the snow came. And it came hard and heavy.… Continue reading

Fall Has Fallen

Fall has fallen. It wasn’t a great summer. I live at a harbor and never made it out on a boat or went swimming. But there is beauty in Fall and the hope… Continue reading

Isis Meets Mother Nature

Isis is five and a half months old. We’ve had her for three weeks now. Marie wanted to take her outside for walks and down to her shop, Ystra Nystan. With a properly… Continue reading

More Desk Chat

Bora, renamed Isis, is either crashed asleep or playing at full speed.

Napalm in the Morning

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning” was a line spoken by Robert Duvall in “Apocalypse Now”. Came to mind when the local government resurfaced the main street in front of… Continue reading

Le chat Arrivé

Marie’s Abyssinian cat was delivered today from Göteborg. Bora is a small cat with a big attitude. She is currently exploring every corner of the apartment she can find. Not sure if she… Continue reading

Saturday’s Wedding Ceremony

This Saturday Marie’s youngest sister, Sophie Didriksson married Johan Farkas, her long-time partner. We wished them well and a Romulan-free honeymoon. This was a causal Star Trek themed wedding with some Star Wars… Continue reading

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