Supreme Court and Debate Research

Robert Barnes in today’s Washington Post has a fascinating article on the Supreme Court. Well, fascinating to me. But then I used to enjoy spending hours reading law school journals, congressional testimony, and medical… Continue reading

We Have Wheels

We have wheels — a 2004 Saab. Possibly larger than we needed but a good winter car and something everyone thought was a good deal. Marie’s parents went with us to a dealership… Continue reading

Button Guarantee

Here is something I never heard of in the US — a button guarantee. Dressman, a store here in Sweden, guarantees that if you lose a button from one of their shirts, you… Continue reading

Some Random Notes

Apollo 13 was on the TV last night. Great movie, great actors, great director. A couple of weeks ago Adam Frank, physicist, reposted an immigration document from the Apollo crew that first walked… Continue reading

New Favorite Song Lyric

When it comes to the best musical groups, the choice for #1 is clear, the Beatles. For me, two and three are a tie – the Eagles (and their related singles albums) and… Continue reading

The Gods Aligned the Skies

I saw a post the other day, with a photo from North Carolina, of Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon in alignment. It took a few days but last night the same was visible… Continue reading

Marie’s Bus Ride Home

For context, understand that the #46 bus from Valdemarsvik to Söderköping to Norrköping is pleasant and immaculate. It is almost always what the US audience would recognize as a double-decker tour bus, just… Continue reading

It’s All Politics, and It Has to Be.

There was a great Washington Post article on the essential nature of politics and the catastrophic impact of convincing people to dismiss the process with disdain as “just politics.” Politics in its highest… Continue reading

Why Don’t Politicians Get Social Media

Face it – not Facebook it – politicians do not get social media via the Internet. And it could be a very powerful communications tool if they did. I love politics, and I… Continue reading

The Snow is Melting

Today we had 9c temperatures, and snow is melting. The roads are clear. The sidewalks mostly free of ice. And a forecast for warm weather for the next few days. It is a… Continue reading

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